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The Regency Flats

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By Rutheva Woodcock


The history of the Regency Flats on Marine Parade is fascinating. Originally they were known as Sutherland House. It was built by David Falckes, a Yarmouth man who was born at the end of the First World War.  He lived in the house with his wife Emily and his six children (his son Jacob died when he was two years old).  The family had wealthy connections and the house was blessed by the chief Rabbi of England at the time.


Later the House became known as Melton Lodge, The Orthopaedic Hospital School for children.  The School opened in 1929 by Princess Mary and blessed by Aubrey Aitken, the vicar of Yarmouth, who was later to become the Bishop of Lynn.  By 1960 the numbers of children attending had declined and the school finally closed its doors Christmas 1960.


During 1970’s it was renamed as Regency Flats and turned into holiday accommodation.  

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I was interested to read this passage. I don't have any knowledge of the history of the building you name as Sutherland House, but I've always assumed that it was built in Regency times and is not a Faux building built after the first World War. I was told that my Grandfather, John Runniff Nutman (jr) grew up in that Building (B. 1880) when it was known as Melton Lodge. As my Mother (Daughter of JRN) was born in 1917 there seems to be inaccuracy here, unless Sutherland House was never Melton Lodge? Can anyone confirm the history of the Building?

By Stuart Runniff Hayes
On 26/01/2021


It says... 

Sutherland House  on the west side of Marine Parade, was first built as a gentleman's residence, for David Falke, a wealthy Jew, who had the house blessed by the Chief Rabbi of England. He lived in the house from 1861, but later died on the continent of Cholera.

It ceasing to be used as a private house, one of Mr.Daniel Tomkin's schools opened here ("Sutherland House" School), although the school moved to no.36 Camperdown before the first world war, where there were about 36 pupils. At that time the school was owned and run by Miss Jarvis.

Whilst the German Navy were shelling the town, a shell passed right through the bay window of the older girls class room on the first floor. Travelling up Camperdown, it damaged houses on the west side of Nelson Road South. The schoolgirls helped to clear the mess from the shelling.

A Miss Brown then bought the school, but married an employee of Barclays Bank to become Mrs.Wright. The school eventually moved to Holt after the second world war.  

The house on Marine Parade was re-opened as Melton Lodge, an orthopaedic for children (presumably those with rickets and birth deformities).  It was opened by the Princess Mary, and blessed by Aubrey Aiken, Vicar of Great Yarmouth, on 29th.January, 1921.

The building was converted into the "Regency Flats" in 1970. For several years it has been empty and largely derelict, damaged by fire, but in 1994 a splendid refurbishment as high quality residential flats has been completed by F.W.Wright, builders.

My interest is 3 or 4 Shardalow girls who were educated there in the 1880s

By Cliff Shardalow
On 12/02/2021

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