1970's Cleopatra's Nightclub

Teen years

By Geoff S

Hi. I spent many happy teen years back in the ‘70s at Great Yarmouth. I’m now 65 and often look back at those happy days. But I was wondering if anyone from that era remembers a nightclub called “Cleos” or “Cleopatras”? I think it was either in the tower or near it on the front. I’ve tried to find any mention of it on Google search, which never usually lets me down, but no luck, so I’m beginning to wonder if I imagined it. Please help with any info you may help. Many Thanks.....Geoff


This page was added by Geoff Stagg on 05/05/2021.
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'Cleopatras', if memory serves, was in the tower building on the front! Spent the entire  fortnight of my 1st holiday without my parents in 1977 !. After many years and many holidays, THAT fortnight still ranks as one of my favourites !. My best mate, Billy (sadly, no longer with us !) and I had an absolute ball - the very first night we went to the Long Beach bar and met a fantastic crowd who we met up with every night after for the duration of the holidays !. I had a holiday romance and Billy had a holiday 'girl fest' - we all had a great time and there was no trouble/fights the whole 2 weeks - bit of a rarity seeing as the majority were teenagers but there you go !

On 09/06/2021

Cleopatra's was on the first floor of the Tower building opposite the Casino run by Ted Hardwick. One of the door securities was Italian Joe. I can't remember who owned it at that time ,but it was a fairly popular place. I worked upstairs in the Tower Ballroom and often got to go downstairs on a break. Joe was a real treasure, he later went to a bar not far from Cleopatra's, by that time it had changed names.


By Keith Banner
On 21/08/2021

loved cleopatras ....great music ......happy days there


By Derek Cullum
On 06/06/2022

Had the best time there back in the 70’s. Met my first love Keith from Lowestoft, holiday romance that lasted a good few years, happy days with Nicky and Ricky. I wonder where they are now ……. Me returned in 2011 to live in Caister 

By Sue Lister
On 17/06/2022

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