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By Mike Godfrey

Please can anyone tell me where John Street was about 1914? I am told it was off Garden Lane which I think was off Blackfriars Road. If someone could tell me its approximate position I would be very grateful.

Mike Godfrey

This page was added by Mike Godfrey on 07/12/2010.
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John street was off Blackfriars Road not far from Tower Street. My great grandparents lived in Wiseman's Building ,Garden Street. This area was redeveloped and I believe the new housing in and around Louise Close now occupies this site . Hope this helps.

By Keith Banner
On 05/01/2011

Regarding John Street. Thanks Keith Banner very helpful. All I need now is any info on Ferry Lane off Southtown Road. Regards

By Mike Godfrey
On 17/02/2011

Ferry Lane was on the left side of Southtown Road going towards Gorleston it went right round.  I knew two families that lived on Ferry Lane one was Albert and Muriel Cubbit the other was a young couple Jean and David Bowles.



By Kathleen Kennedy
On 04/02/2013

I lived on John Street for approximately 10 years, it was situated off Charles Street close to Henry Sutton's fish house, it was a row of 14 houses seven on each side, they were extremely small 2 bedroom, kitchen & front room with outside sink and toilet.


Terry Farman

By Terry Farman
On 30/03/2016

My parents used to employee a childminder to look after me whilst they worked. She used to pick me up from Edward Worledge then walk me up to Regent Rd where my parents had a shop next to the Wax Works. I used to call her nana Tomlinson. Never knew her first name. I cannot remember  her husbands name, but I do recall she had a son called Eddie. He was a bit of a rogue. The Tomlinson lived on Ferry Lane. I can remember their terraced house well. It was tiny. At the back, I could walk along the harbour. There were some really dodgy foot bridges, with chain handrails. If the tide was out, you could fall off into mud flats that looked like they would swallow you up.

By Mitch
On 22/01/2017

Hi Mitch 

My nanna's name was Ivy Tomlinson and she lost part of her fingers on her hand and I believe your mum had you after 20 years. I was Eddie the rogue, but I can assure you I'm not a rogue. 


By Eddie Humphries (Tomlinson)
On 28/08/2020

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