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William Gibson - Works manager

By Sally Gibson

My grandfather William Clare Gibson worked for Crabtree Limited in the late 1800's to early 1900's. He was a Works Manager in 1901. Just wondering if anyone knows of this company and what they did exactly. There is some indication that my grandfather was involved in the invention of some sort of tool or motor for boats or ships. I have little information about him but believe he was also involved in sports as I have a silver coloured beer stein dated July 6th, 1901 for Crabtree Limited Sports. Any assistance in directing me to further information about this company or my grandfather would be very helpful.

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Crabtree where the largest of the Yarmouth steam engine builders founded in 1854 by William Crabtree moved to Southtown next to Fellows shipyard in 1900 (Southtown Ironworks) closed in 1970 after being acquired by Richards Shipbuilding, along with Fellows. They also had a shipyard at Southtown along with another at Kings Lynn where the preserved steam drifter Lydia Eva was the last ship built there in 1930. Towed to Yarmouth where she had here Grabtree Triple expansion steam engine fitted (engine No 618). The largest engines where Straight Triples rated at 700ihp that went into the deep sea trawlers and tugs. The last steam engines where probably made in the early 1950s.

By R.Burton
On 11/03/2011

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