An unknown bomb-site

Photo:Postcard showing what is obviously a bomb-site, but where?

Postcard showing what is obviously a bomb-site, but where?

Gt Yarmouth Museums

Photo:This photograph reproduced courtesy of Colin Cockle

This photograph reproduced courtesy of Colin Cockle

Postcard showing a bomb-site - but where and when?

By John Layton

This postcard shows what is obviously a bomb-site, but has anybody any idea where this was, and more particulary, when?

This page was added by John Layton on 23/07/2007.
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Regarding the unknown bomb site. In the 1950's I walked up St Nicholas Road to the market place evey day for years. I reckon that photo is the bomb site which was directly opposite the Silk Mills and directly opposite Belfort Place.

Sadly Belfort Place is now gone too, not by Bombers but by supermarkets! Anyway the shape of that bomb site and the white walk look very familiar, but I could be wrong. Not been back home to Great Yarmouth since 1980.

By R Daxter
On 08/07/2008

regards unknown bombsite I think the area is what was a garage on the corner off Nelson road central & St. Georges road oppsite a public house called the St. Georges Tavern As I lived in Swirles buildings off Silk Mill Road up until mid 1950s I recall most of the area that was bombed in the 1940s ie Houses next door to the Silkmill Tavern right up to Layngtons shop I lost one relative in that block. oppsite side of the road on corner was St. Nicholas Tavern facing north towards market place on same side was A. BUTLERS Wet Fish shop.I worked there in 1949 -50 next door was Blythe Bakers on corner was a Miss ? Rudd sweet & tobbaccanist shop I use to go to a whole salers to pick up her cigerettes & tobbacco for her shop the wholesalers was just in Middle Gate Street oppsite the town hall something no 12 to 13 year old could do today. I had a school mate who lived just two doors away from Rudds so I know that the buildings were still there in the 1950s One point I would like to add from what I hear & see on the map web site ie WELLINGTON PEIR And the ART SCHOOL the destruction off same it appears the heads of the much loved town are finishing the WWII bombers work off for them

By colinbrowne
On 09/02/2009

Photo of unknown bomb-site. It is on the corner of King Street and Regent Street and is the site of Arnolds Shop fire of 1919-20.

By Colin John Cockle
On 19/12/2011

The above photo is the site of Arnolds Store on the corner of King Street & Regent Street. This was burnt down in 1919. Some of area is bomb damage in King Street and market place ie Palmer Mens Shop--Jarrolds Book Shop etc.

By Colin Cockle
On 11/12/2011

Sir the bomb site is on the corner of Alderson road and Palgrave road at the North end.

By Bryan harman
On 11/12/2011

To Bryan Harman, if you take a good look at the photo you will see tram lines in the foreground. There are no tram lines on Alderson Road or Palgrave Road.

By Colin Cockle
On 19/12/2011

Re the unknown bomb site. I cannot shed any further light on the photo although it seem familiar It is not the garage on the corner of St. Georges Road, and Nelson Road Central, as this garage (called Serches) was used by the Auxiliary Fire Service during the war, my father was a Fireman and was stationed there also I used to go there as a child to have my hair cut by one of the fireman (Reggie Butler). This garage was not pulled down until after the war.

By Derek Barker
On 24/05/2013

Hi - I see that Belfort Place was mentioned on here and i was just wondering if anyone has any more information or photos ? My ancestors lived at No2 Belfort Place but I believe it was on the 1891 census 

thank you ! Ps great site 

By Jason Hatch
On 09/10/2022

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