Building Haven Bridge

Photograph of the building of Haven Bridge

By Oliver Cruickshank

Photo:Working on the Haven Bridge

Working on the Haven Bridge

Great Yarmouth Port Authority

This page was added by Oliver Cruickshank on 08/05/2007.
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Are you sure this is building the bridge? I think you will find it is two submarines wedged against the bridge (which did occur as I have a photo looking from a different direction!)

By Mark
On 16/11/2007

The photo show a famous WW1 submarine the SM-U35 (note number on conning tower) I guess visiting  Great Yarmouth on route to being scrapped, held against the old Haven Bridge.

The submarine entered service March 1915 sinking plenty of ships with a tonnage of 538,498 (full list enter "SM U - 35 Germany wikipedia in your web browsers" Surrendered 27th October Harwich 1918 & was broken up Blyth 1919 - Source Wiipedia (SM U-35 (Germany))

By Kim Blake
On 21/02/2022

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