Comradeship amongst Offshore Workers

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Interview with Donald Harrison ( KB)

Interview with Donald Harrison

The comradeship between offshore workers

Audio clip of an interview with an Offshore Worker Donald Harrison

By Richard Dade

The photograph shows Tom Andrews with some of his friends onboard a platform.

Transcript for 'Interview with Donald Harrison':

"They were a good bunch I enjoyed it I've got colleagues that I see after all these years.... part of my... chaps who were part of my crew not necessary working for Shell but were working on the platform with me as contractors.. full time contractors I see when we have a meal every three weeks or so a bit like working being in the army I suppose you never forget the comradeship that you enjoyed working out there"

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Well, after all these years, it's indeed quiet strange to hear Old Don Harrisons voice....but I remembered it well. I worked with Don at Birds Eye in Lowestoft & we then both left & went to work for Shell. I am still working for Shell in Miri, Malaysia & indeed remember the days in the Southern North Sea with a fondness. Don, if you read this comment please do get in touch. Regards R

By Roger Hubbard
On 11/01/2010

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